Silent Night Multimedia



silent.wav German version of Silent Night in wave audio format.  WAV 646kb
stillen.ram Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht - one of the first recordings 
of the song on an Edison cylinder. Performed by Hans  
Hoffmann. (file in realaudio)
RA 229kb
stillenacht2000.ram Stille Nacht - Dutch recording of the song performed by the 
Netherlands Radio Boys Choir. (for more clips)
RA ***
joanieko.ra Hawaiian version of Silent Night sung by Joanie Komatsu. 
Copyright Dancing Cat Records.
RA 448kb
lenape.mp3 Silent Night in the Lenape or Delaware Indian language MP3 2.46kb
tichanoc.rm Slovak version of Silent Night (from the JKM Group page) RA 331kb
still.mid The original MIDI file featured on this page.  MIDI 1.38kb
silentnt.mid File created by Elton Smith (  
Songs of Praise 
MIDI 15.1kb
sn-mohr.mid Arrangement of Silent Night from Joseph Mohr's manuscript (ca. 
1820) in the Carolino Augusteum Museum. It is based on the 
melody and guitar chords he wrote down which is the earliest 
known version of the song. By Bill Egan.
MIDI 6.42kb
silentni.mid Version of the song from Alexander Kondrashov. MIDI 22.7kb
1855sile.mid MIDI for the 1855 arrangement. Sent by Bill Egan. MIDI 5.92kb
silent.mus MusicTime File - MusicTime (R) Passport MUS 9.28kb
silent.mts MT Pro File - MusicTime (R) Passport MTS 2.16kb
silent.enc Encore File - MusicTime (R) Passport ENC 9.19kb


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