If June can't have a silent night, at least December can -- and in several languages to boot. What we mean is, just in time for Christmas, Jako Olivier has gathered together the lyrics of the carol Silent Night, Holy Night, as translated into a number of languages. According to Jako, "it's been said that [the song] has been translated and rewritten in 230 different languages." At this site yule find a variety of vernacular versions, including Afrikaans, Halaka, Irish-Gaelic, Norwegian and Sesotho. So, no reason to feel left out this season when you hear a group of carolers gently crooning, "Bosiu bo kgutsitseng, Tsohle di phomotse." Submit any lyrics you might know if you don't see them posted here.

YAHOO Picks of the Week (9 December 1996) - original Silent Night Homepage

Article on Silent Night Web published in a South African Sunday newspaper, on 29 November 1998. The article is written in Afrikaans.



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